Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any interesting stats?

We're so very glad you asked

  • There were a total of 1930 applications
  • These contained 1846 standard apps
  • There are applications for a total of 1409 new extensions
  • Of these 1179 are uncontended applications (only 1 application each for the TLD)
  • There were a total of 884 applications from the US
  • 751 applications where there is more than one application for the TLD
  • 508 applications from Europe (If you exclude British Virgin Islands and Bermuda as most Europeans would)
  • 307 applications from Donuts Inc.
  • 303 from Asia Pacific
  • 230 contended applications
  • 116 IDN applications
  • 84 community applications
  • 17 applications from Africa
  • 13 different companies are applying for APP extension
  • 2 applications for WEBS from the same company (Vistaprint Limited).
  • 1 Application for dotAfrica (we think someone mistyped the ".")

Why are your numbers slightly different to others?

As we're based in Europe we tend to think about Turkey and Cyprus falling into that category and not into the Asia Pacific region. As a result we've tweaked the stats ever so slightly.

Where's Google?

Google registrations are all via Charleston Road Registry Inc.